Above Ground Pool Installations and Services in CT

We build the pool… You fill it with fun!

Shopping for a swimming pool can be confusing and not always easy. When you purchase a Hunter’s pool, we offer a complete accessory package that consists of the best equipment available to make sure your pool is easy to maintain.

Your package comes complete with:
  • A 25 mil. heavy gauge liner
  • A Hayward filter system
  • Code-compliant deluxe entry system with latching, locking gate
  • Code-compliant Pool alarm
  • Our exclusive Sustain Once-a-Week Algae-Free Sustain chlorine system
  • Everything else you will need to keep the pool sparkling clean including a manual vacuum and winter cover.

Owning a pool is a fun family activity and a Hunter’s above ground pool is easy and maintenance-free.

Every Hunter’s pool comes with an unconditional one year guarantee on products and labor. And every pool is installed by full-time employees of Hunter’s – no work is ever outsourced or subcontracted!

When your pool is installed by the Hunter family, you can be confident that your yard will be prepared for an expert installation. We will assess your property and offer advice on the pool’s location. We will install a pool on any off-level site under a two-foot grade free of charge.

The center of every round above ground pool is dished an additional 8-to-10 inches to make your pool more versatile and provide more family fun! After your pool is installed, we’ll provide one-on-one instruction at our store on filter and vacuum operation, as well as chemical maintenance. Your pool water will be analyzed in our store and we will walk you through the uncomplicated steps to keeping your pool sparkling clear and algae-free!

When your pool is completed, we leave your property neat and free of piles of sod, soil and rocks. Weather permitting, your installation will be performed when scheduled. We always finish one pool before moving on to the next.

Because we use the highest quality equipment and offer a guaranteed installation, Hunter’s pools are more affordable, look better, are easier to maintain and last longer than others. And most importantly, we will provide you with unrivaled service for the lifespan of your pool.