AquaLeader Blues, Influence and Quantum Pools

Available AquaLeader Above Ground Pools

AquaLeader Blues

The fluid design on the interior wall is sweet music to your eyes… let Blues lay you the coolest notes this summer, your very own moment of refreshment, out-of-sight styling, quality components and upkeep so easy you’ll do it all in double time.

  • Top seat width: 6”
  • Upright width: 7.5”
  • Wall Height: 52”
  • Color: Champagne
Available Sizes:
  • Round: 18’ 21’ 24’ 27’

AquaLeader Influence

Influence’s appeal lies in its refined aesthetic. Every element comes together in complete harmony, combining the practical with the extraordinary for both appearance and comfort. Ultra attractive wall, smoothly curved top ledge, sturdy uprights, strong lines, solid construction, and simplicity of design: it all adds up to Influence beauty… and to years and years of vacationing pleasure for you to enjoy at home.

  • Top seat width: 7”
  • Upright width: 6”
  • Wall Height: 52”
  • Color: Pearl
Available Sizes
  • Round: 18’ 21’ 24’ 27’

AquaLeader Quantum

Introducing new textures and warm colors, the Quantum brings aesthetic qualities that will keep your above ground pool looking fresh year after year. The printed pattern on the uprights represents a visual style that enhances your backyard enjoyment. The Quantum is composed of resin uprights, stabilizers and bottom rails along with an ergonomic profile that has precision molded ledge covers fitting perfectly with the resin top ledges. It all comes together to create a perfect look!

All the components of the resin pool structure are molded by an injection process that allows us to reinforce each component, curve the top ledges and use a sturdy snap-on process that eliminates most of the hardware. All resin components are color-fast throughout!

  • Top seat width: 9”
  • Upright Width: 6”
  • Wall Height: 54”
  • Color: Grey with Brown Accents
Available Sizes:
  • Round: 18’ 21’, 24’, 27’, 30’
  • Oval: 15’x26’, 15’x30’, 18’x33’